Installation & Adjustments

Characteristics of Permatork

Non-Contact Structure

- Due to non presence of abrasive elements, Permatork enjoys long life
  - Parts replacement is un-necessary. Resulting in low cost
  - Replication performance is enhanced
No need for External Power - Safety is enhanced (explosion-protection)
  - Plumbing/Wiring not required
  - No running cost
  - No effect of power or voltage fluctuation
Stable torque attainable at all the time - Reduce in hours to maintain or manage torque
  - Irrespective of rotation slip, provides a stable torque (hysterias type)
  - Provides a torque proportional to the rotation slip (eddy current type)
Easy to set the torque and repetitive - Motor is not required
  - Adjustments are incredibly easy to make
  - Enhances productivity
Company in size, making the installation very simple - Installation cost is cheap
  - Saving of space
  - Can be used irrespective of the rotation direction
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