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The digital presentation of sensing information
Function setting by an easy operation
The stability level is displayed directly in a receiving optical level and the
displacement display
Display which sees easily in backlight addition LCD
It equips it with an easy-to-use function



Models NPN F70AR(K) 70AG(K) F70AB(K)
Detection Through beam/Reflective(by fiber unit)
Range Depending on fiber unit
Power supply 12 to 24VDC▒10%, Ripple 10% Max.
Current consumption NPN type: 39mA, PNP type: 50mA
Output mode NPN Open collector output, Rating : Sink current 100mA Max.
PNP Open collector output, Rating : Source current 100mA Max.
Operating mode Light-on/Dark-on selectable
Time delay OFF delay 40ms fixed
Response time Frequency 1: 600Ás(Max.)
Frequency 2: 700Ás(Max.)
Light source Red LED(680nm) Green LED(565nm) Blue LED(470nm)
Indicators Oprating: Orange LED, Stability: Green LED
Display LCD with back light
Teaching system Full auto teaching/Auto teaching
Interference protection Built-in
Circuit protection Short circuit protection built-in
Materials Polycarbonate
Wiring Flying lead 2m (*1)
K-series: Exclusive connector
Weight (Max.) 80g
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