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Analog output type sensor with fine resolution.
Fiber optic type with very small detection head.


Model F71RAN
Detection method By Fiber optic cable
Range Depends on fiber optic cables
Power supply 12 to 24VDC±10%, ripple 10% (Max.)
Current consumpion 26mA (Max.)
Output mode Analog output (voltage)
Rating 2-8V
Operating mode Light intensity analog
Response time
Up 2→8V 10ms (Max.)
Down 8→2V 25ms (Max.)
Temperature drift 0.3%/°C (Max.) at -10~+50°C
Output ripple 80mV (Max.)
Light source Red LED (680nm)
Indicators Power: Green LED     Light intensity: Orange LED
Materialsl Case: Heat-proof ABS, Cover: Polycarbonate
Cable Flying lead (Outer dia. 4.8mm) 2m length
Weight(Max) 90g (with bracket)

*1 : M8 connector type is available. (-J)

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