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Simple operation and low cost design.
"Long-distance" mode for dramatically increased detecting distance.
"Received light" indication enlarged by about 8 times. (compared with conventional Takex product)
Larger digital display allows for simple adjustment.
Low power consumption achieved.
Detection method/detecting distance Model Operation mode Output mode Light source
NPN output PNP output
Dependent on fiber optic cable F80R F80RPN Light-ON/Dark-ON selectable Open collector Red LED




Type NPN Output PNP Output
Model F80R F80RPN
Power supply 12-24V DC 10% / Ripple 10% or less
Power consumption 650 mW max. (25 mA max. at 24 V) 830 mW max. (32 mA max. at 24 V)
Output mode NPN open collector
Rating: sink current 100 mA (30 VDC max.)
Residual voltage: 1 V or less
PNP open collector
Rating: source current 100 mA (30 VDC max.)
Residual voltage: 2 V or less
Operation mode Light-ON/Dark-ON selectable with sliding switch
Timer : Off delay/disabled selectable with sliding switch
Delay time: 45 ms fixed
Response time (*1) High-speed mode: 190 s s or less / Long-distance mode: 1.8 ms or less
Light source (wavelength) Red LED (680 nm)
Indicator Operation indicator: orange LED / Mode indicator: yellow LED / Teaching indicator: green LED
Display Received light level: 4 digits in orange LED (0-8000)
Switch Output mode selector switch 1 / Timer selector switch: 1 / Teaching and sensitivity adjustment push + 4-direction button switch 1
Sensitivity setting Full auto teaching / Auto teaching
Sensitivity adjustment function Provided (manual sensitivity adjustment)
Protection circuit Reverse connection protection / Short circuit protection /Serge absorption
Material Polycarbonate
Wiring Permanently attached cord (Outer dimension: dia.3.7) 0.2sq. 3 core 2m length
Mass Approx. 60 g (including 2-m cord and mounting bracket)
Accessory Mounting bracket / Operation manual
Environment Specification
Ambient light Illumination on light receiving surface: 3,500 lx (incandescent lamp)
Ambient temperature 1-5 adjacent units in operation: 25 - +55 C / Over 5 adjacent units in operation: 25 - +50 C
Storage: 40 - +70 C (non-freezing)
Ambient humidity 35-85%RH (non-condensing)
Protective structure IP40
Vibration 10-55 Hz / 1.5 mm amplitude / 2 hours each in 3 directions
Shock 500 m/s2 / 3 times each in 3 directions

(*1) For initial setting and checking, output operation is disabled for about 1.5 seconds after power-up. The operation mode factory setting is long-distance mode.

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