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Photosensors for Steel and heavy Industries
- FD300A/600A
- FD-A310C
- FT44A
- FT10A
- FT101
- NT
- SWD60


| FD300A/600A | FD-A310C | FT44A | FT10A | FT101 | NT | SWD60 |


Low cost but high performance
Withstand 200ºC degree without cooling

Compact and light weight housing



Model FD-A310C FD-A310CM
Output mode Relay output Photo MOS relay output
Control Output ON-OFF control (built-in Light ON/Dark ON switch)
Rating Transfer contact
MAX 5A 250V AC
(Resistance load)
MAX 80mA 250V AC.DC
(Resistance load)
Saturation voltage = 1V Max.
Response time 10ms Max. 5ms Max.
Light receiving element Ge photodiode
Sensitivity wavelength 0.8 to 1.8µm
Sensitivity control Digital switching mode, 10 positions (Non-stopper rotation)
Indicators Power: (P.L), Operation: (OP.L), Receiver level: 3 popints
Power Supply AC100 to 220V +10% - 15% 50/60Hz
Power consumption 5W Max.
Connection Connector cable 2m
0.75mm2 × 5cores (Outer dia. 10.5)
Usage ambient temperature
Optical head, Fiber unit: -25 to +200ºC
Amp unit: -25 to +55ºC (Non freezing)
Storage temperature range
-40 to +70ºC (Non condensing)
Usage ambient humidity
35 to 85%RH (Non condensing)
Insulating resistance
DC500VM 20MO Min.
Voltage endurance
AC1500V 1minute
Resistance to vibration
10 to 55Hz, Doble oscillation 1.5mm X, Y, Z 3ways 2hours on each
Shock endurance
490m/s2 X, Y, Z 3ways 3times on each
Protective construction
950g (with accessories)
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