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Photosensors for Steel and heavy Industries
- FD300A/600A
- FD-A310C
- FT44A
- FT10A
- FT101
- NT
- SWD60


| FD300A/600A | FD-A310C | FT44A | FT10A | FT101 | NT | SWD60 |


High power laser type is available.
Withstand 200 ºC without cooling
5 point level indicator for sensitivity
Highly durable detector unit
Self check Function(safety function) built-in
Various hoods are available



Output specification
Model FTL44A / FTL441A
Monitor output
Rating Contact output MAX 5A 250V AC (Resistance load)
Model FTR44A FTR44AH
Output mode Mini power relay Lead relay Solide state
Control Output ON-OFF control
Rating Transfer contact
MAX 5A 250V AC
(Resistance load)
Transfer contact
MAX 0.5A 48V DC
(Resistance load)
MAX 0.5A
250V AC DC
(Resistance load)
Response time 25ms Max. 12ms Max. 10ms Max.
ALARM output
Rating a contact
MAX 5A 250V AC (Resistance load)
MAX 0.5A 250V AC·DC
(Resistance load)
General specification
Range 50m Max.
Valid lens diameter Optical head OHA: 28mm DIA
Optical head OH2: 56mm DIA
Min. object resolution Optical head OHA: 30mm DIA
Optical head OH2: 60mm DIA
Power Supply AC100 to 220V +10%, -15% 50/60Hz
Power consumption Trns.: 10W Max., Rcvr.: 10W Max.
Connection Connector cable 2m (CVV 0.75mm2)
Usage ambient temperature Optical head, Fiber unit: -25 to +200ºC
Amp. unit: -25 to +55ºC (Non freezing)
Storage temperature range -40 to +70ºC (Non condensing)
Usage ambient humidity 35 to 85%RH (Non condensing)
Fiber-optic unit
allowable bending radius
Insulating resistance Power - Case: at DC500VM 20M ohmMax.
Output - Case: at DC500VM 20M ohm Max.
Power - Output: at DC500VM 20M ohm Max.
Voltage endurance Power - Case: AC1500V per minute
Output - Case: AC1500V per minute
Unless, Lead relay - Output: AC1000V per minute
Power - Output: AC1500V per minute
Unless, Lead relay - Output: AC1000V per minute
Resistance to vibration 10 to 55Hz, Doble oscillation 1.5mm X, Y, Z 3ways 2hours on each
Shock endurance 490m/s2 X, Y, Z 3ways 3times on each
Protective construction IP66
Weight Optical head OHA: 680g OH2: 2.5kg
Air less hood
F38S: 0.2kg
F38S-04: 0.5kg
F38S-03: 0.4kg
F38S-05: 0.6kg
F70N: 1.8kg
Air purge hood
302NC: 0.5kg
703L: 3.3kg
303NC: 0.6kg
Fiber unit
FG series
FG2: 0.6kg
FG4: 1.0kgg
FG7: 1.8kg
FG3: 0.8kg
FG5: 1.3kg
FG10: 2.4kg
Amp unit Trns.: 1.5kg  Rcvr.: 1.5kg
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