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Photosensors for Steel and heavy Industries
- FD300A/600A
- FD-A310C
- FT44A
- FT10A
- FT101
- NT
- SWD60


| FD300A/600A | FD-A310C | FT44A | FT10A | FT101 | NT | SWD60 |


Long range for through-beam sensor
Many Option for Hood and Pinhole mask


Output specification
Models Set type NT50 NT100 NT50P NT100P
Trns. type NTL50 NTL100 NTL50P NTL100P
Rcvr. type NTR50 NTR100 NTR50P NTR100P
Detection Through beam
Range 50m 100m 50m 100m
Object resolution ø22mm Max. ø28mm Max. ø22mm Max. ø28mm Max.
Power Supply DC12 to 24V ±10%
Ripple 10% Max.
AC100 to 240V ±10% 50/60Hz
Current consumption/Power consumption   Trns.: 30mA Max.
Rcvr.: 35mA Max.
Trns.: 5W Max.
Rcvr.: 5W Max.
Output mode NPN open collector
Sink Current 200mA (DC30V) Max.
Relay contact output 1C
MAX 250V 2A (Resistance load)
Operation mode Light-ON Dark-On Switching operation (by switch)
Light monitor Output NPN open collector Relay contact output 1C
Safety margin output NPN open collector -
Response time 5ms Max. 20ms Max.
Light source Infrared LED (910nm)
Trns.: P.L: Power (Green LED) … At power-on, light up
OP.L: Monitor (Red LED) … At emit light normaly, light up
Rcvr.: OP.L: Operation (Red LED) … At output-on, light up
LEVEL: Level indicator (Three level display)
LEVEL1: Yellow LED … 2 times
LEVEL2: Yellow LED … 4 times
LEVEL3: Green LED … 8 times
built-in SW
 L.ON side … Output at lighting
D.ON side … Output at light shielding.
Materials Zinc dicast
Connection     Terminal block type (screw: M3.5, width: 8.1mm)
Weight Trns.: 700g
Rcvr.: 700g
Trns.: 800g
Rcvr.: 800g
Trns.: 700g
Rcvr.: 700g
Trns.: 800g
Rcvr.: 800g
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