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FC1500CL / FC1500PCL

Progressive shutter 1.45-million pixel camera responding to camera link

Dimentional outline drawing Click here for dimensional outline drawing.
I/F board Click here for connection list for connection with I/F board.


This camera is complied with Camera Link that is the Standard of Digital Camera Interface for new industrial use.
Connectable any of globally famous frame grabber maker’s product that is complied with Camera Link Standard.
Video output is outputted in progressive scanning (non-interlace scanning).
Low cost is realized by adopting digital output and dedicated self-synchronization.
Customer’s developed software properties can be utilized because new series have compatibility with conventional FC1500 / FC1500P.
Such various shutter operations as continuous shutter mode and random shutter mode, etc. are available similar with conventional type.


Vertical resolution is not lowered under electronic shutter operation because full pixels independent read is implemented by using progressive scanning.
“Base Configuration” of Camera Link is adopted and black-and-white 10bit gradation of digital video signal is outputted.
Full pixels read scanning under 12~30 frame/sec. (Differs depend on type.) without mechanical shutter and random shutter is also possible because electronic shutter function is equipped.
Full frame continuous electronics shutter and random shutter exposure can be variable in 8 steps exposure time from 1/10000
sec. (maximum speed) at fixed length and pulse width and long time exposure setting is also possible.
Release timing signal (stroboscope trigger signal) is outputted from 12-pin camera connector in random shutter mode.
In continuous shutter, four times speed readout by four pixels skip interlace scanning and double speed readout by two lines adding scanning (only FC1500CL can respond) or partial readout only image at center line (only FC1500PCL can respond) are possible.
Three memories composed of various operation-setting parameters can be saved using backup memory (EEPROM).
More detailed set up is possible through communication using personal computer because serial communication interface (SerTC and SerTFG) of Camera Link Connector is supported as standard. *1
Low electric energy consuming product, which is about 60% comparing with conventional one.
High sensitivity and low smear.
  *1 : Function of Serial Communication Interface is required hardware and software support at frame grabber side.


Inputting apparatus for image processing device provided high resolution electronic shutter
High density bar code information reader
Driving car number reader
Defect detector for LCD and plasma display
Microscope and telescope usage
Miscellaneous overall devices required image processing connecting to computer


Image pick-up
Progressive scanning, interline transfer CCD
2/3" size
(aspect ratio 5:4)
1.45 million pixels
1392 (H) × 1040 (V)
Load scanning fH =16.0 KHz
fV = 15 Hz
FCLK = 28.636 MHz
Sensitivity 100 LX F22
Min. luminance on objects 0.5 LX F1.4
(without infrared cutoff filter)
S/N More than 50 dB (AGC = OFF)
Video output signal Non-interlaced:15 frames/sec.
Digital output : 10bits camera link Base Configuration
Gamma 1
Electronic shutter 1/12000 - 1/15 sec.- time exposure
Communication control URAT embedded, start stop synchronization method 9600bps through camera link
(RS232C level input-output to camera connector is optionally possible.)
Lens mount C type mount
Power requirement DC 12 V ± 10%
Max. 400 mA
Operating ambient
0ºC to 40ºC (There should be no dew formed nor freezing.)
Storage range -30ºC to 60ºC (There should be no dew formed nor temperature freezing.)
Impact resistance 70 G
Vibration proof 7 G
Outside dimensions 46 (W) × 33 (H) × 92 (L) mm (excluding connectors)
Weight Approx. 210 g
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