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Progressive Shutter Color Camera

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Video output by interlace scanning or progressive scanning

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FC300M is white and black progressive scanning progressive shutter video camera used 0.33-million pixel CCD in 1/3-inch optical system having one frame of built-in memory.
Employing square grid arrays of fault free pixel CCD image pick up devices that perform interline transfer, these cameras are suitable as sensors for high resolution measurements. pattern inspection and character reading.
Internal circuits of the cameras perform digital processing with the built-in CPU, enabling personal computers to control them easily through a capture board
Waveform correction of video signals is controllable remotely through RS-232C, making it possible to use the cameras under optimum conditions as required by each application.


Sensitivity under near infrared region of the spectrum is improved and smear at high speed shuttering is reduced comparing with conventional camera as new designed interline transferring CCD is adopted.
Video output can respond to either progressive scanning (non-interlace scanning) output or 2:1 interlace scanning output because field memory is equipped.
Static image by electronic shutter is continuously obtained through random resetting by only inputting of external trigger into camera.
Video signal is outputted in following four types of signal.
1. Analogue video output in progressive scanning
2. Eight (8) bit of parallel digitized video output in progressive scanning
3. Analogue video signal output converted into 2:1 interlace scanning
4. Digitized video signal output converted into 2:1 interlace scanning
Such changeover operations as setting of electronic shutter speed and shutter mode (usual/random), etc. are all executed at back plane of camera. Also control is possible externally by connecting personal computer through RS-232C.


Spectral sensitivity

Input device for high resolution image processing units with electronic shutter
Reader of high density bar code data
LSI related device usage such as stepper
Reaer of automobile number plates for parking lot management
Reader of travelling automobile number plates
Microscope usage
Applications with microscopes


Image pick-up
Progressive scanning, interline transfer CCD
1/3"size (aspect ratio 4:3)
0.33 million pixels
659 (H) × 494(V)
Load scanning fH = 15.73 KHz
fV = 30 Hz
FCLK = 12.27 MHz
External synchronization is possible (Automatic switching) Input HD only during operation on the random shutter mode.
EXT.HD = 15.73 kHz
EXT.VD = 30 Hz
More than 450 (TV) lines
Vertical resolution More than 480 (TV) lines
Sensitivity 100LX F2
Min. luminance on objects 0.3LX F1.4
(without infrared cutoff filter)
S/N More than 50dB (AGC = OFF)
Video output signal Non-interlaced: 30 frames/sec.
2:1 interlaced: 60 frames/sec.
Digital output: 8 bits RS-422 differential output 100 Ω load
Analog output: 1Vpp 75 Ω unbalanced
Gamma 1/0.45 switchable (Analog signal only set at 1 in factory shipment.)
Electronic shutter Selectable from 1/120000 to 1/30 sec. and to time exposure.
1/10000 - 1/30 sec. time exposure
RS232C possible
Lens mount C type mount
Power requirement DC 12V ± 10%
Max. 250mA (in analog output only)
Max. 400mA (in both analog & digital outputs)
Operating ambient
0ºC to 40ºC (There should be no dew formed nor freezing.)
Storage range -30ºC to 60ºC
(There should be no dew formed nor temperature freezing.)
Impact resistance 70 G
Vibration proof 7G (11 to 200 Hz)
Outside dimensions 46 (W) × 49 (H) × 120 (L) mm
(excluding connectors)
Weight Approx. 300 g
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