Company Profile Brief

Alstron is incorporated on 25th June 1988… starting as Master Distributorships for Takex Group of Companies, Bodine Electric etc for South East Asia, China and India for factory automation industries.

In end 1996, we started to do application and process research for ultrasonics cleaning technology; with technological co-operation from USA company. We started to manufacture ALSTRON ULTRASONICS CLEANING equipment in 1998. We focus on Standalone Built-in Ultrasonic Cleaning System with cleaning frequency from 20 kHz to 200 kHz with power rating up to 3000 watts. In 2016, we expand our range to 2-In-One and 3-in-One multiple frequency Standalone Units. We service both commercial market and industrial market namely dental industry, jewellery industry; laboratory, metal precisions; electronic and semiconductor; marine and oil/gas industries etc.

In 2008, we decided to enter into ODM for PoE Switches with our specifications specially to serve ever changing surveillance cameras market. We expanded our portfolio for Building and Security Automation Products under ALSTRON brand name. We specialised in supplying accessories for CCTV Surveillance System and provide products solutioning proposal to major clients.

Our business strategies and philosophy as follows:

  1. Small is beautiful
  2. Expansion of our businesses and market with Business Partnerships in respective countries and market.
  3. Focus in applications and process knowledge of relevant products and market.

We strongly believe by our in-depth understanding of our products and market which we will give high value-add to our Business Partners and end customers respectively.